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4 Great Tips for Springtime Car Repairs
Friday, October 19, 2018

After being confined to your homes during winter, it’s likely that you’ll get in the mood of going on a road adventure and get some sunshine in spring. For many Americans, this adventure means family holidays, camping excursions and weekend road trips. But are you sure that your car is in the condition to travel such long miles safely after the cold winter it has been through?

Winter season affects the condition of your car and it starts to show some signs of wear and tear as well. But spring happens to be the best time when you can get your car inspected and repaired before you hit the road again.

In this article we’ll discuss four spring car repair tips that will prepare your car to take you on long distance journeys this spring.

1 - Oil and Oil Filter Change

The most important thing is to keep your car engine in a perfect condition. For that you must get its oil and oil filter changed after the intervals that are specified in your car manual. But after the winter season, changing the oil and oil filter of your car is a highly recommended for spring car maintenance. Neglecting to do so might result in poor engine performance and higher fuel consumption.

2 - Check All Fluids

When you’re getting the oil changed, you might as well check all the necessary car fluids. This would include your transmission and brake fluids, and most importantly the coolant. If the level of any one of these essential fluids is low then you must top it up. Considering that the coolant and brake fluids are closed, the low levels of these fluids would only mean a possible leakage. And that needs to be checked and repaired without any further delay.

3 - Check Battery

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to check the charging system of the battery. Cold winters usually weaken your car’s battery, and spring is the best time to check it if you want the coming spring and summer seasons to be free of any battery related troubles. A major part of the spring car repair is to check all the connections of the battery. They must be tight, clean and corrosion free. Moreover, if your battery is more than five years old, then you should probably think about replacing it during the spring car maintenance.

4 - Lubricate the Chassis

Most of the new models of cars are lubed for life, but the cars that still run on ordinary chassis need to be lubricated after regular intervals. Moreover, the suspension components must also be lubricated during the spring car repair.

The cold temperatures of winter also impact the rubber parts of your car. That’s why the spring maintenance of your car must involve a thorough inspection of all the rubber belts and hoses in your car for any possible damages. If you’re planning a spring car maintenance then contact Fleet Care. Our expert mechanics will take care of your car’s maintenance and will do all that needs to be done to make your car fit for traveling the long miles this spring.


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