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Having Your Truck Ready for Extreme Roads
Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Seasonal changes bring with them erratic road conditions, and it is common for your truck to go through difficult terrain and environment. Having your truck break down in the middle of the road can be a very precarious situation and it is critical that preventive actions are taken before hand to ensure that our commercial vehicle is ready for anything down the road.

The unpredictable Cincinnati weather makes planning for the road crucial. A well maintained and properly serviced fleet will give you a peace of mind and you can be rest assured that your truck reaches the destination on time every time.

The Heavy Rain

Light drizzle during a hot summer day can really improve the hot days and bring a pleasant change in the atmosphere. But heavy rain and storm while driving can result in hazardous road conditions. Old tires along with wet road can increase the skidding of the vehicle on sharp turns due to reduced traction.

In addition, heavy rain can also impede the visibility of the drivers. It is important that windshield wipers, washer fluid along with the fog lights are properly functioning.

Muddy Roads

Driving through unpaved roads on the country side can be quite challenging. Added to this is the weather changes, like melting snow or heavy rain that bring with them dirt and mud which can make it very difficult to steer on. Braking and steering is heavily affected on muddy roads.

If possible, these muddy roads should be avoided, but if you have to go through these roads you should go slowly over them. You need to ensure that you get the wheels properly aligned at a service center that specialize in commercial vehicles. It is also important to get the brakes and steering periodically checked to avoid any mishap on the road.

Winter Brings Icy Roads

Driving during the winter can be especially risky due to icy roads. The chances of an accident increase substantially during winter, due to icy roads. It is important to have the brakes serviced before the winter to adjust them to accommodate the winter roads.

Scorching Summer Heat

The hot summers bring different set of challenges on the road. It is very common for vehicles to break down in the middle of the road due to overheating. Not servicing the radiator, which helps in keeping the engine cool, is a mistake that causes a lot of inconvenience.

Getting Stuck in the Traffic

The chances of getting stuck in traffic is amplified due to seasonal changes as cars and trucks break down in the middle of the roads or get in to accidents. This can lead to a lot of frustration and increase the chances of getting into a collision which can result in costly repairs.

The Bottom Line

Having your truck or your commercial vehicle properly inspected and serviced by professional and specialized professionals to avoid any hassle on the road. Fleet Care has the most experienced professionals that provide the best service for trucks and other commercial vehicles.


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