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How Technology is Impacting your Fleet
Monday, October 9, 2017

As the world changes around us, technology has been improving and working to make our lives easier and more effective. We at Fleet Care believe that keeping up with the latest technologies is one of the best ways for your fleet to be as efficient as possible.

So how exactly is technology impacting your fleet?

GPS fleet tracking is one way that technology can improve your fleet. Not only will the drive be more efficient, GPS tracking can also be sure to same time and fuel by allowing managers to pinpoint locations, bypass delays and track that vehicles are on time. If there are areas that need to be changed, this tracking will allow for companies to see areas that may need to be adjusted for efficiency.

Remote diagnostics allow for managers to see how their vehicles are doing out on the road. Instead of the nice surprise of a breakdown and delay that could have been avoided, they would be sent the diagnostics of the vehicle remotely so that they can be informed of any issues that may be cause for alarm. This allows managers to make necessary arrangements to still complete goals and get their vehicles in for maintenance with little down time. You can come to us with any fleet maintenance so that we can be sure to stay on top of any repairs that need to be made.

Fuel consumption is also something that can be tracked. By using electronic logging devices (or ELDs) for accuracy in driving and account for time and whereabouts, items such as fuel can be tracked to find where there may be areas that need to improve.

One simple way that fuel consumption can be improved that may be tracked with GPS fleet tracking, is simply making sure that acceleration is normal (not rapid) and you are driving at optimum speed (not speeding). These simple changes to driving could make fuel consumption more efficient. GPS fleet tracking would allow managers to be able to see if estimated timing goals are being met and if there are any major differences, then the log can be looked into in more depth. Either this will allow for managers to talk to their fleet drivers about these fuel consumption goals and suggestions, or they can talk to the drivers about how they are being more efficient and make it a company wide change to improve further.

There are many other technology advances that can be looked in for efficiency. By keeping up with the latest technology advances profits may increase for companies if used efficiently.  By use of just the above two advances; fuel efficiency, fuel consumption and vehicle repairs can improve. With these adjustments and efficiencies, profits increase.

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