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Importance of Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
Friday, April 13, 2018

In the everyday operations of the fleet of your company, it’s easy to overlook the maintenance. Oil changes, brake system check, fuel checks and other important maintenance tasks are often times ignored.

If you are not maintaining the fleet vehicles properly, you’re compromising on your company’s productivity. Here are a few benefits you’re missing out on by not properly maintaining your vehicles.

1. Save Money
Although there are costs associated with maintenance of vehicles, in the long run, it saves a lot more than it costs. If vehicles are cared for properly, they’ll run more efficiently and the fuel costs will decrease. On-the-job breakdowns that mostly lead to delays and costly repairs will also reduce for your fleet.

A fleet that’s well maintained will help save your drivers from fines and penalties when checked by law enforcers for safety issues. If you neglect the maintenance of your fleet, you’re likely losing money that can easily be saved by simple maintenance.

2. Decreasing Risk
Many workplace injuries occur due to transportation incidents. Some of these incidents are due to driver’s negligence while others occur because of faulty vehicles. Unmaintained vehicles are a mobile bomb. Break fail, malfunctioning steering systems and stalling engines can all lead to a catastrophe.

You are not only responsible for ensuring the safety of your workers, but you must also make sure that others who are on the road are safe. Maintaining your vehicles is essential to ensure the safety of both these groups.

3. Reducing Downtime
The downtime of fleet vehicles greatly impacts your budget and productivity. When a fleet vehicle is out, you must either get a rental to take its place or incur loss of productivity. If you’re not willing to get a rental, your driver will be sidelined and customer service will be affected. Scheduled maintenance should take place during off-road hours to ensure that there aren’t many unexpected breakdowns that will impact the performance of your business.

4. Proper Maintenance Gives a Professional Look
For customers that are connected with your business, your fleet is what they mostly see. When your vans and trucks are out delivering products and goods, they demonstrate your business and the quality of service you provide. If you don’t focus on taking care of your vehicles, you’ll be giving them a wrong impression. If you focus on maintenance, your trucks will look neat and work well to create a strong impression on customers.

5. Preventing Problems in Future
You might think that if your vehicle is working properly, it doesn’t need repairs and everything is perfect. However, that’s not the case, and sometimes during scheduled maintenance, experts can find out problems that can cause breakdowns and major issues in future. An expert’s eye is essential to spot such problems and repair them before they disrupt the vehicle.

If you wish to improve your business’s productivity and keep the profit rolling, it is essential to maintain your fleet properly. For proper fleet vehicle maintenance, contact experts at FleetCare. Our team utilizes computerized maintenance programs and service histories to ensure that your vehicle stays in top shape.


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