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Winter Prep For Your Commercial Fleet
Friday, February 2, 2018

The mercury has started to drop as the year comes to a close. Like humans, vehicles require a change of habits too as we prepare for the onslaught of winter. Depending on where you live, the extent of the preparations might differ but you have to tweak a few pieces to get your fleet warmed up especially if you operate all through winters as well. A commercial vehicle’s maintenance is slightly different to what you’d have to perform on a regular vehicle and such there here are a few important aspects to consider before you operate your vehicles in this weather. Following these minute tips might save you higher damages in the future.

Check oil and fuel lines
The temperature outside causes the temperatures of the liquids in your engine block to drop too. Although oil has a much lower freezing point, however lower temperatures cause the viscosity of the lubricant to increase and as such it becomes harder for it to flow through the pipes. A couple of solutions for this include replacing the oil with a thinner one or plugging in a block heater. This device keeps the temperature of the fluids at optimal level.

It is important to note here that a block heater doesn’t heat anything essentially. It only maintains the temperature at which you plug it in. Therefore it is important to not let the temperature of the fluids drop below the optimal level. This happens when the vehicle is left stationary for longer periods of time.

Refill the engine coolant and washer fluids
Depending on the temperature drop that your area or the area you’re driving to experiences, it is recommended to replace your normal coolant with anti-freeze if you think the temperature is expected to go down substantially. Similarly windscreen washer fluid should be replaced by something that doesn’t come out and freeze on the windshield resulting in accidents.

Give your engine a thorough check
The most important bits and pieces to check on the engine are the spark plugs and belts. Any build-up of ice or water here has to be removed as it hinders the efficiency of the engine and if left unchecked for longer the engine might breakdown completely resulting in major loss of time and money.

Inspect the exterior lights
Driving a commercial vehicle means added responsibility. Winters are usually accompanied by fog and storms that limit visibility and cause fatal crashes on high-speed motorways. Having a vehicle without indications might make it invisible for another traveler and the results can be catastrophic. It is, therefore vital to have all exterior indicators and lights working in proper condition.

Another mandatory element on a vehicle to keep checked. Cold temperature causes air to cool and compress, causing tires to go flat on normal pressures. It is therefore recommended to fill the tires with an extra amount of air that allows room for compression without hindering your driving ability or damaging your vehicle.

Your commercial fleet is an asset that requires regular maintenance. Doing a few routine run downs are extremely beneficial in the long run. Checking fluid levels like the oil, coolant, washer and battery


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